While designing many types of interfaces, I've always had the urge to make something 'real', and even the high-fidelity prototypes weren't fulfilling that need. So throughout the years I've taken on personal projects to build simple web apps, in order to take a design from pixel to code, and get a better sense of the medium so that I can work more effectively with my engineering counterparts. 
A weather app
I created a simple weather app as a 'hello world', introductory project to React. This site automatically pulled a user's location from their browser, allowing them to search for a new city, and worked with various APIs to pull in both the weather information and a photo from Unplash, giving credit to the photographer below. 
Medical Marijuana in Maryland
Another project I worked on was a site that lets patients find medical marijuana (mmj) related resources in the state. After Maryland legalized MMJ, I consolidated all of the resources I found online into a spreadsheet and then followed a Mapbox tutorial to build a site that plotted those points of interest on a map.

Other projects

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