emocha is a medication adherence platform that helps healthcare providers communicate with and monitor their patients' treatment plans. In addition to redesigning our flagship product, I created end-to-end deliverables for applications that tackled pressing public health concerns. Projects consisted of managing a South African tuberculosis population, monitoring the medication adherence of kidney patients, and helping design and develop the company's corporate website. 
All work is confidential so any images shown here do not reflect the actual application(s). 
emocha 3.0
With emocha, doctors could observe their patients over the course of their treatment plan. The addition of video to the traditional practice of Directly Observed Therapy helped health departments across the nation save time and money when monitoring and treating their patient population. This project involved research, design, and testing for a complete redesign of our entire platform, all while the company pivoted to multiple verticals. 
Alongside another designer and developer, we built our company's new corporate website. After given mockups, I translated them into responsive designs and created the front-end with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. The site was designed to leverage Grav, a flat-file CMS, so that it could be updated by others in the company.
emocha Projects
We also worked on a variety of projects for health institutions and research studies that involved or addressed breast cancer, PrEP, and Hepatitis C. I was the sole designer for two projects:
1. A web and mobile app that helps improve medication adherence for patients with chronic kidney disease
2. A web and iPad app that helps doctors manage a tuberculosis population in South Africa
These projects involved designing for variety of devices on both iOS and Android, working with external stakeholders and remote teams, low and high-fidelity prototyping, and remote usability testing.

Other projects

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