I joined Rendia right as we started to think about our new product, the Exam Mode. Our transitions between different anatomies were used to simulate a seamless exploratory experience. Our symptom and condition animations could be paused, scrubbed through, and drawn on to help patients see how their body actually worked.

I worked with our project managers to conceptualize, wireframe, and prototype ideas which eventually led to the final design of the app. After release, we analyzed data and feedback from customers, redesigned portions of the experience, and created an iPad app to complement the original web application.
Although our users were both small business owners and doctors at health institutions, we combined the needs into one persona and sketched our initial ideas to iterate through ideas rapidly.
A prototype I made to test out a feature that let doctors simultaneously show a 'point of view' along with their condition.
Some challenges we experienced were how do users get around quickly. We realized this was important becuase our persona and use case demanded it. Doctors had limited time with patients and fiddling with software in front of a patient is a negative outcome. We decided to go with contextual hotspots that signified what the next step was. Hotspots over anatomy had a "+" button to indicate a zoom-in while Hotspots going to different parts of anatomy had visuals inside the button. 
I also looked into animations throughout the product to allow users to preview transitions and know how long transitions last, in order to create a more informed experience.

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