Prior to becoming Rendia, we went by the name of Eyemaginations. Our primary product was called ECHO, a video platform that allowed users to browse, favorite, and create playlists. Doctors could also send content through email and post to social media to continue that conversation with their patients.

I worked on a variety of initiatives to improve the user experience and accomplish business initiatives. Some of the projects I worked on (and some that stalled and eventually died) consisted of creating a more efficient way to save playlists, animations for features that the user hasn’t used yet, and a mobile interface for a waiting room content solution.
Empty state gifs
To first draw the user's attention to the fact that there is no content in their favorites, stats, and folders, I created animated gifs to visualize the state of emptiness.
This was to show that they had no 'favorited' videos. Hopefully your heart isn't as empty as this.
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Engaging, delightful, and fun!
I created user flows, sketched wireframes, and made a quick prototype for this project while following Android design guidelines, but it never saw the light of day. We eventually did make a waiting room solution in the most MVP form possible instead of a whole new application. This was a project that I learned a lot in, including what "project scope" was :).
Media Tray
The media tray is a scrollable list of other videos in the playlist and can be accessed by the media tray button. This was a motion study to make the media tray screen less visually distracting and update the design
This was another motion study to look at a more visible and apparent replay button
See that button? Allll the way in the corner?
This iteration placed the button next to the other options in the media player
This iteration placed the button intuitively near the "back" button position
This iteration placed the button where the progress bar finished

Other projects

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