There is a business forming around "teaching UX". I was well aware of the YouTube tutorials, the courses from Udemy or Coursera, the bootcamps like General Assembly, and even the graduate programs from SVA and Carnegie Mellon. As fast as the UX field was growing, so was teaching it.
I looked at the students currently in graduate programs across the nation and at what they were doing. I was impressed by their interest in the field and the level at which they presented their work. It was clear that these programs draw extremely passionate students who go on to create amazing things. MICA, the Maryland Institute College of Art, was located in Baltimore, MD (actually right in my own neighborhood) and was starting it's own UX program offering a Master's in Professional Studies degree that was online and could be completed in 15 months. I looked into the courses, the faculty, the convenience factor, and decided this was right for me. 
This is a list of a series of articles I wrote about my experience in the Masters in Professional Studies graduate program at the Maryland Institute College of Art. This list will be updated as I progress throughout the program.
Foundations of UX Design. 9/7/2016 - 10/12/2016
Technology Intensive. 1/08/2017 - 2/04/2017
Prototyping. 2/05/2017 - 3/04/2017
UX Design Lab I: Users. 3/12/2017 - 4/22/2017
UX Design Lab II: Utility. 5/07/2017 - 6/17/2017
UX Design Lab III: The Industry Challenge. 7/09/2017 - 9/02/2017
UX Business Basics. 9/10/2017 - 10/07/2017
Thesis and Reflection. 10/15/2017 - 12/09/2017