emocha is a medication adherence platform that helps healthcare providers communicate with and monitor their patients' treatment plans. In addition to redesigning our flagship product, I created end-to-end deliverables for applications that tackled pressing public health concerns, such as managing a South African tuberculosis population and monitoring the medication adherence of kidney patients. Along with helping design products, I also helped develop the company's corporate website. 
All work is confidential so any images shown here do not reflect the actual application(s). I am happy to provide more information about the role and my contributions if interested.
emocha 3.0
With emocha, doctors could observe their patients over the course of their treatment plan. The addition of video to the traditional practice of Directly Observed Therapy helped health departments across the nation save time and money when monitoring and treating their patients.
My role involved understanding the patient journey and visualizing it through user flows, creating a series of mockups that illustrate how users accomplish important tasks and functions, and then helping design the interface by initiating a style guide document in Sketch.
We performed in-person research at the Puerto Rico Department of Health, which uses emocha. We shadowed health department staff as they treated patients without emocha’s technology — driving to each patient — and interacted with emocha’s platform.
We also set up remote usability testing with health departments across the nation, which allowed us to receive user feedback on prototypes and designs.
I worked with another designer and engineer to build our company's new corporate website. I was given mockups, translated them into responsive designs, and created the front-end with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I also designed the site to leverage Grav, a flat-file CMS, so that it could be updated by others in the company.
emocha Projects
Aside from our product, we worked on a variety of projects for health institutions and research studies that dealt with breast cancer, PrEP, and Hepatitis C. I was the sole designer for two projects: one to secure medication adherence for patients with chronic kidney disease, and another to manage tuberculosis treatment in South Africa. These projects involved designing for variety of devices on both iOS and Android, working with external stakeholders and remote teams, low and high-fidelity prototyping, and remote usability testing.

Other projects

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